The Trenti Law Firm is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Darrold E. Persson to the Firm

Persson-Darrold-1The Trenti Law Firm is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Darrold E. Persson to the Firm

Virginia, Minn. – The Trenti Law Firm is pleased to announce the addition of Darrold E. Persson to the firm as “Of Counsel”. Darrold has an excellent and established reputation on the Iron Range. He is a graduate of Hibbing High School, recieved a B.A. from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. from the University of North Dakota, with distinction.

He is a member of numerous trial lawyer organizations and has been named a “Super Lawyer” for many years. He has been an annual recipient of the Best Lawyers in America designation and was named “Lawyer of the Year” for 2016 personal injury litigation in Northern Minnesota by Best Lawyers. For more than 25 years, he has been certified and re-certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by both the National Board of Trial Advocacy and the Minnesota Bar Association.

“It is an honor to have Darrold join our team.” said Joe Leoni.

The Trenti Law Firm is based out of Virginia, Minnesota. Trenti Law Firm is a full-service law firm with experienced attorneys that are able to assist with nearly all legal issues. Trenti’s personal injury lawyers work with cases such as wrongful death, work-related accidents, automobile accidents, criminal law and DUI’s. Trenti’s family law lawyers work with divorce, parenting time, custody, paternity, child support and adoption. Trenti’s personal and business lawyers work with wills, elder law, probate, real estate, corporate and business law.

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+Civil Trial Specialist Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy ++Real Property Law Specialist Certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association *Civil Trial Specialist Certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association


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personal injury videoInjured?


divorce attorneyIf you find yourself in a situation where divorce is your only option, you may be too overcome with emotion to represent yourself in family court. Often times, the divorce process is complicated, confusing and exhausting. The decisions you will have to make during the process are often life changing – and can be permanent. It is never a good idea to face such monumental decisions on your own. To do so could cause you to pay a heavy price, both financially and emotionally, that you will eventually regret down the road. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have an attorney by your side whose job is to help you navigate the divorce process and assist you in reaching the best possible outcome. Here are five reasons why hiring a family law attorney to represent you for your divorce is necessary to protect you, your children, your finances and your future:

  1. Objective advice is very crucial when you are not in command of your emotions. A divorce attorney helps you to maintain balance during this difficult time.
  2. There is often voluminous paperwork involved. Once you initiate divorce proceedings, or you are served, you will be required to fill out lots of forms and provide a lot of information, a factor that may be overwhelming for you.   Hiring an attorney will relieve you of this burden and allows you to use that time to focus on yourself and your family. You will know that it is done right.
  3. A divorce attorney is able to counsel you on options that you may not have otherwise been aware of and will help you avoid the ramifications of bad decisions that you might make without a divorce attorney to guide you through the process.
  4. A divorce attorney helps you to maintain your focus on the big picture and steers you towards making decisions that will positively affect you after the divorce.
  5. It goes without saying that you may not understand divorce law and how family court operates. Hiring a divorce attorney helps you avoid the frustrations that come with a failure to fully comprehend the law and the legal system that executes it.

If you are proceeding with a divorce, do not hesitate to contact attorney Tracy Podpeskar, a Virginia, Minnesota divorce attorney with experience in family law. Her firm, The Trenti Law Firm, has been instrumental in helping clients go through the divorce process successfully with as much ease as possible under the circumstances. Tracy Podpeskar is here to do the same for you.

car accidentWhile nobody desires to ever be in a car accident, it is good to be prepared in your mind ahead of time for just that eventuality. The lawyers at Trenti Law take their responsibility of protect client rights serious, particularly those that have been involved in a car accident.

 Look over these 5 steps to take after a car accident in order to make sure you are positioned for the best possible representation. 

1. Remain Calm – Accidents happen. When they do, it is best to remain calm, move out of the way as safely as possible, and begin to assess your injuries. Getting upset could only cause more problems in the end, so remain calm. The accident has already happened, so now is the time for immediate action to protect yourself. 

2. Take Care of Yourself and Others – While your first reaction in an auto accident might be to worry about your car, your first priority should be yourself and others. Make sure nobody is seriously injured. If you or someone else involve is injured, try to do what you can until help arrives. 

3. Call the Police – Even if you are involved in a minor accident, Trenti Law recommends that you call the police. The report that is filed will be a critical piece of evidence as you go after the compensation that you deserve. 

4. Exchange Contact Information – Get as much information about the accident written down as possible. This includes exchanging contact information with the other driver(s) and any pertinent insurance information. It is best not to call any insurance company on your own, however, as you will want to let your lawyer do that work for you. 

5. Contact A Lawyer Who Specializes In Auto Accident Cases – As soon as you are able, you will want to contact a Virginia Minnesota personal injury attorney. This is how you can be assured that your legal rights are protected and that you get the compensation that you deserve. Once you contact a lawyer, you will find that many of the worries you had with the accident will go away.  These are five simple steps that can go a long way towards the easing the pain caused by a car accident.

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