Family Law & Divorce Facts

  • Family Law & Divorce Facts

    Did you know that under Minnesota law a divorce is known as a Dissolution of Marriage and it can take several months before all is final? However, if you and your spouse have an agreement at the onset of the case, it can be completed rather quickly.  Virginia Minnesota Divorce Attorney Tracy Podpeskar can assist […]

  • Minnesota Personal Injury Facts

    Medical expenses, loss of income or earning capacity, funeral & burial expenses and damage to property are all examples of economic damages or out-of-pocket losses that are available to claim in a Minnesota personal injury case. Call Trenti Law Firm today to see if you have a case.   Under Minnesota Law there are a […]

  • Personal Injury Facts

      Did you know that in Minnesota you have up to 6 years to file a claim for personal injuries? If you were injured in an accident Contact Joe Leoni, he can help you file your personal injury claim today.     You have a three-year time limit to file a claim for a wrongful […]

  • Get to know the Attorneys of Trenti Law Firm

    Meet Sam A. Aluni: Sam is a Virginia, Minnesota native, he graduated from Yale University in 1973. He is a member of the Minnesota Volunteer Attorney program and has served the community in many ways. He has a wife and two children. On his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting, music, traveling, photography and gardening. […]

  • Minnesota Divorce Facts

      The State of Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state where either spouse can request a divorce without having any proof of fault.    Since Minnesota is a “no fault” state, the fact that your spouse committed adultery does not affect the property division in your divorce.       All assets and debts that […]

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    The Personal Injury Team of Joseph Leoni & Byran M. Lindsay at Trenti Law Firm are here to help you with your all your personal injury cases. They can answer and address all your questions and concerns.

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