Legal Assistants & Administrative Staff

Our firm has 8 legal assistants and four additional staff who work closely with our attorneys. They handle a variety of tasks including client interviews, gathering background information, document preparation and file administration.

Our 8 legal assistants improve our firm’s cost efficiency by reducing the amount of billable time that the attorneys spend on your file. They bring a total of more than 125 years of experience to our firm.

We have also made a commitment to link our office environment and attorney services with the newest in technology changes. With extremely efficient word processing, database systems and office management, our firm has been able to provide more reliable and less expensive legal services to all our clientele.


Legal Services

Legal Services Fees

Hourly fee: The most common billing method. The client is charged at an established hourly rate for the amount of time spent on his/her behalf.

Contingent fee: This method is often used in personal injury matters. Our firm will charge a specified percentage of the money recovered for a client. Under this fee arrangement, the client assumes no risk and owes no legal fees unless a monetary recovery is obtained.

The cost of certain legal procedures such as wills, trusts and real estate transactions can usually be determined in advance.

Family Law Fees: For family law clients, there is no charge for an initial consultation with our attorneys. We offer a 30-minute free consultation for divorce, parenting time, and child custody matters. (In other words, you are not billed for calling us with an initial legal concern or question!)

We want to help you avoid potential legal problems and determine if your particular legal concerns necessitate the professional services of an attorney.

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