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Wrongful death: when to act quickly

At Trenti Law Firm, we know that there are few things that place more of an emotional burden on our clients than dealing with the untimely death of a loved one. We believe that, by placing the onus for financial support on the parties whose negligence caused our clients' dismay, we are sometimes able to lessen the suffering of people who are already at the breaking point. To this end, we pursue every avenue available in the Minnesota legal system to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. 

While many wrongful death clients lose loved ones in auto accidents or from extreme injuries at the workplace, some cases are not so straightforward. This is why we tend to prepare, on a case-by-case basis, a full preliminary investigative report before we advise our clients to pursue legal action. Of course, some situations warrant more expediency. 

Drowsy driving and drunk driving not so different, study shows

Your life is becoming increasingly busy. Your boss expects you to be available around the clock. You’ve got obligations with your spouse and kids. Plus, your commute takes up two hours of each day. You’re stretched thin—leaving you with very little time to rest.

As a society, we’ve begun to view our state of constant flurry and sleep deprivation as the norm. However, it is not normal—nor is it healthy. You’ve probably heard that a lack of sleep can put you at risk for certain health conditions—such as heart disease or diabetes. But the physical consequences of sleep deprivation can actually be much more immediate than that. In today’s post, we examine why drowsy driving is more dangerous than you might expect.

Punishments for a hit and run

When two drivers are involved in a car accident, they must follow Minnesota’s state traffic laws right after the crash. However, the driver that hit the other car crash might try and escape before the other driver can get a better look at their license plate or vehicle type in an attempt to avoid the legal and financial ramifications they could obtain from a motor vehicle accident.

Failure to stay around and follow Minnesota’s post-accident procedures can result in hit and run charges. Drivers who are victims of car crashes should be aware of what each driver must do after an accident to keep an eye out for any negligent behavior from the other driver.

Family Law & Divorce Facts

shutterstock_488289283-300x200.jpgDid you know that under Minnesota law a divorce is known as a Dissolution of Marriage and it can take several months before all is final? However, if you and your spouse have an agreement at the onset of the case, it can be completed rather quickly. Virginia Minnesota Divorce Attorney Tracy Podpeskar can assist you in the divorce process in order to make it as efficient and painless as possible.

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