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You versus a moose: What to do if you hit one

At the Trenti Law Firm, we represent numerous clients who received injuries in an auto accident. Consequently, we know that driving on Montana’s roads can be hazardous, especially in the winter, and most especially if a moose decides to cross the road right in front of you. advises that should a moose or another of our large wildlife species unexpectedly jump out in front of your car, do not swerve to miss it, even though this probably will be your first instinct. Swerving likely will cause you to hit a guardrail, an oncoming vehicle or something equally as bad as hitting the moose, if not worse. If the road is snowy or icy, you could lose complete control of your car, resulting in a very serious accident.

How can I deal with stress during a divorce?

Among all the practical considerations associated with divorce, many people also experience a great deal of stress. This stress can be caused by the failure of the marriage, inadequacies the person may feel, or worries about money. While recovering from a divorce can be quite difficult for couples, there are steps you can take to mitigate stress and find your footing again.

Live About recommends making a change to your expectations at the outset. This is especially important when it comes to your ex-spouse. Many people have a hard time relinquishing control in this case, which can lead to much consternation when your ex acts in ways you find fault with. Understand that you no longer have control over this person’s thoughts or actions and that your efforts are best directed towards those things you can control.

What is road rage?

Many accidents in Minnesota happen because people get impatient or upset when behind the wheel. In some cases, these incidents are due to more than just an aggravated person. They are a result of road rage. How Stuff Works defines road rage as extremely aggressive behavior that results from driving.

This is abnormal behavior. It is not normal to get so upset by driving that you want to harm another person or act in overly aggressive ways towards another driver. Road rage can get so bad that it escalates to physical assault or property damage that is purposely done. It typically involves heated confrontations.

How does amputation affect a person emotionally?

Amputation can occur because of chronic illness or as a result of a traumatic injury. In the latter case, the emotional effects of amputation are often challenging to overcome, especially when under certain circumstances. Physiopedia explains the psychological impact amputation can have on a person.

There are a number of factors that influence how a person will react to an amputation. In general, younger kids often adapt better, while adolescents and teens may experience negative effects on their developing identity. No matter their age, people with a great investment in their personal appearance also have a harder time adapting to the loss of a limb. Pre-existing mental illness, such as depression, can also result in negative psychological effects.

Relatives now have priority in adoptions of neglected children

Child custody cases can be complex, especially when social services agencies are involved. However, the Minnesota Court of Appeals might have made matters less complex for relatives of neglected children placed in foster care.

The appeals court ruled that social services agencies in the state cannot deny relatives custody of children without “obtaining a court order.” Following the recent case, relatives will now have priority in custody placements involving neglected children.

How can I bounce back from my divorce?

Divorce can have a range of negative effects on a person. Financial instability is just one serious consequence that can haunt you for many years after your separation. In this case, it’s crucial that you take the proper steps to boost income and increase savings. Entrepreneur recommends the following tips for people struggling financially after they’re divorced.

Get a handle on your finances

Preparing your winter morning drive legally

Minnesota is home to some of the most unpredictable winter weather in the nation. Temperatures can drop 40 degrees in just a day, and a mostly sunny weekend could end with a snowstorm the next morning.

As you ready your tools for whatever this year's winter throws at you, keep in mind that safety is not your only concern. Those who are reckless or lazy with how they respond to the colder weather could find themselves in trouble with the law. Residents should familiarize themselves with the state's policies to avoid putting themselves and others in danger.

How can I prevent distracted driving?

In a world where multi-tasking is praised, it’s easy for drivers to get distracted behind the wheel. However, it’s up to you to keep yourself and others safe while driving, which entails avoiding common distracted driving behaviors. Farmers offer the following tips to help reduce your risk of having a serious accident.

Keep conversations to a minimum

Will the other person go to jail if found guilty?

Many people think that when you go to court in Minnesota, you always face the potential to go to jail. However, this is not true when it comes to personal injury cases. The American Bar Association explains this is a civil case. That means there is no potential for going to jail. So, if you sue someone for a personal injury issue, that person will not go to jail if the judge finds in your favor. In addition, this type of case usually does not have guilty verdicts, so the other person will not be found guilty. Rather the judge would find him or her at fault.

A civil case involves civil law, not criminal laws. There is potential for a personal injury case to also include criminal elements. For example, in a car accident, you may sue someone for your injuries, but the state may also charge that person with a crime. Both cases result from the same accident, but they are two district cases with different trials and different possible outcomes.

Division of real estate is not cut and dried

In many cases, real estate is the biggest asset in a Minnesota divorce, whether it is the home you have been living in full-time, a vacation cabin or undeveloped land. While court forms only allow for one or the other spouse to have 100% of a piece of property, there are other legal options available. The experienced team at Trenti Law Firm helps clients determine a fair solution when dividing property for the best possible outcome.

According to the Minnesota Judicial Branch, you and your spouse should receive a fair and equitable share of marital assets. Property purchased after the marriage is typically considered a marital asset. As a result, if your spouse gets the property, you can receive compensation in lieu of the house to make the division equitable.

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