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Minnesota Child Custody & Child Support Facts

Virginia Minnesota Family Law and Divorce Attorneys at Trenti Law Firm can answer all your divorce, child custody, child support questions.

6 Minnesota Custody and Child Support Facts

3 Facts About Minnesota Custody

shutterstock_629490185-1-300x177.jpgThe Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) program is available to parents as an alternative to court litigation. Talk to a child custody attorney in Virginia, Minnesota about what to expect and how to prepare for your evaluation.

shutterstock_289045826-300x200.jpgIn Minnesota, parents are typically awarded joint legal custody, in which both have the right to make decisions about issues such as health care, education and religion because there is a presumption in favor of joint legal custody. Child custody attorneys at Trenti Law can answer all of your questions about your rights in Minnesota.

shutterstock_605628776-1-300x200.jpgIn Minnesota, initial child custody cases and parenting time cases examine what is in a child's best interests. Trenti Law Firm can answer all your child custody questions.

3 Facts About Minnesota Child Support

shutterstock_175683854-300x250.jpgIn Minnesota, child support is calculated by the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines. To learn more about the guidelines that affect child support calculations, contact the Trenti Law Firm today.

shutterstock_223557418-1-300x200.jpgMinnesota Child Support Guidelines consider parenting time percentages, gross income of each party, the cost of child care, medical and dental insurance, and the number of other children in each parent's home. Call a child support attorney at Trenti Law to see how these guidelines may affect your situation.

shutterstock_513017401-1-300x200.jpgChild support can be reviewed any time there is a change in circumstances that renders the current order unfair and unreasonable. It is important to have a Virginia, Minnesota child support attorney to guide you through the child support process.

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