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Safety tips to avoid car accidents at intersections

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Every driver in Minnesota and beyond is obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. The average driving instructor typically stresses to his or her students that some stretches of roadway, such as intersections, are inherently more dangerous than others, where it is always best to be especially cautious and alert behind the wheel. Car accidents that occur at intersections often result in catastrophic injury or death.  

Always use signals before navigating a turn at an intersection 

Especially if a vehicle is in a right or left turn only lane, a driver should still use the proper signal to let others know that he or she is about to make a turn. This maneuver can help reduce rear-end collisions, in particular, because the person in the vehicle behind will logically assume that the driver in front is going to turn and his or her speed will undoubtedly be slow. This gives the driver in the car behind more time to stop when approaching a turning vehicle at an intersection. 

Trying to beat a yellow light is a bad idea 

To improve intersection safety, don’t accelerate when a traffic light is yellow to try to make it through before it turns red. It is always safer to slow down and anticipate stopping for the coming red light. Many fatal collisions at intersections are later determined to have been caused by drivers who failed to stop at red lights or stop signs.  

Visibility is a key safety feature at intersections 

Many things can obstruct a driver’s vision at an intersection. There may be stationary objects, such as trees or parked cars nearby that make it difficult to see traffic or pedestrians. It is also possible that one vehicle may be hidden in another vehicle’s blind spot, which is why it is always safest to clearly scan surroundings before navigating a crossroad. If a collision occurs that results in injury because of another driver’s negligence at an intersection or elsewhere, a recovering victim may seek restitution by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.