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Why so many auto accidents in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Minnesota traffic safety officials are concerned about a rising number of fatalities on the road. Over the span of several recent days, auto accidents throughout the state have resulted in numerous deaths. In fact, there are more collision-related fatalities on record for 2021 so far than there throughout the entire year in 2020.

Office of Traffic Safety reported the numbers

The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety has stated that there have already been 367 collision-related deaths throughout the state this year. Seeing as it is only October, it is conceivable that this number will continue to rise before 2021 comes to a close. Last year, the total number of fatalities for auto accidents in this state was 394.

Children have been involved in several of the reported accidents

Auto accidents are emotionally traumatic for those who are involved and, often, to their families as well. Grief is intensified when children are the ones who die. One of the recent collisions in Minnesota involved an 11-year-old girl. Sadly, a massive semi-truck struck her, which resulted in her fatal injuries. Another collision took the life of an elderly woman when a tractor-trailer collided with her vehicle at an intersection.

Recourse is available for families grieving their losses

Every human life is irreplaceable. On top of their grief, families who have lost loved ones in auto accidents are often hit with financial distress as well because of funeral expenses and other costs, such as medical bills from emergency care that was rendered to a family member before his or her death. An immediate family member may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court when there is evidence that another driver’s negligence was a direct cause of a collision that resulted in a fatality. Doing so is often a means to receive compensation for damages, which can, at least, help lessen financial strain as family lays a loved one to rest.