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Government Law Attorney in Virginia Minnesota

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Government Law includes matters which relate to cities, towns, townships, counties, and special district of government. Government law is diverse and ever-expanding. The attorneys at the Trenti Law Firm have experience in representing municipalities concerning a wide range of areas that include:

  • Land disputes
  • Municipal contracts
  • Public works
  • Zoning
  • Building disputes
  • Real estate development
  • Employment issues
  • Criminal Prosecution

Protecting Your Rights

Government law matters are highly technical and difficult to resolve without adequate legal aid. If you are in need of legal advice or support in a matter concerning government law, we can help ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

The Trenti Law Firm Can Help

Our staff is trained, experienced, and confident in working with Government Law matters. We are able and willing to help you out. Contact a Trenti Law Firm to talk to a government law attorney in Virginia Minnesota today. 218-248-6298


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