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Hospital And Nursing Home Negligence Claims

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When our loved ones require specialized care, it may be necessary to entrust them to the staff at a hospital or nursing home. This transition can be frustrating, emotional, and worrisome to everyone involved in the best circumstances. Although we naturally expect them to receive the care and attention they need, elder neglect is a very real concern.

What is Elder Neglect?

Elder neglect can occur in hospitals, nursing homes, or any facility where the resident is dependent on others for proper care and medical attention. Elder neglect occurs when this care is wrongly withheld, whether on an emotional, physical, or medical basis. This neglect can cause pain, distress, and even death for the victim.

More severe cases of hospital and nursing home negligence may take the form of malpractice or active abuse – physically, emotionally, financially, or sexually.

In all circumstances, there are laws in place to protect the victims.

Positive Action Steps

Take the time inquire after the experiences of the senior resident. Many senior citizens refrain from complaining – or complain on a regular basis – making it difficult to decipher the true cause of discontent.

As soon as you discover signs of negligence, it is important to first protect the victim. Often this means removing the victim from the facility where the abuse is taking place or dismissing the current caregiver.

Legal Counsel Available

Learning that a loved one has experienced abuse at a hospital or nursing home can be overwhelming. Take the time to consult with an attorney who has experience in hospital and nursing home negligence who can provide valuable insight and a clear course of action.

The Trenti Law Firm offers legal counsel and services for those who are struggling with a situation involving elder neglect and abuse. Our compassionate personal injury attorneys will help you to navigate the sometimes complex legal steps involved to ensure that your loved one is protected.

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