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estate planningEvery journey through life eventually comes to an end. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one can predict when their time will naturally come. It is important to make plans now for what will happen after our deaths. Estate planning allows individuals to designate the recipients of their assets, as well as determine who will assist in that process. Without this, the likelihood that your final wishes will be honored is reduced and uncertain. A high quality estate plan can also reduce the risk of conflict within the family concerning the final disposition of your property. With the help of an attorney, you can be confident that rest assured that everything will be in place prior to your death so that your final wishes are carried out smoothly and without dispute.

Protecting Your Rights

If your post-death wishes are not expressed in a formal document or plan, your property will be divided pursuant to a statutory mechanism (called interstate succession) that may or may not represent your wishes. There are very few situations where it would not be beneficial to have an estate plan in place. A simple estate plan may be comprised of the traditional tools:

  • A Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Directive

Almost everyone should have these basic documents – both to ensure their wishes are complied with and to avoid more expensive court involvement. Modern estate planning also utilizes an ever-evolving array of tools and instruments, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, transfer on death deeds, and more comprehensive uses of Pay on Death Designations.

The Trenti Law Firm Can Help

With the wide array of estate planning options available, developing the most effective estate plan for you can become complicated. The experienced Virginia Minnesota estate planning attorneys at the Trenti Law Firm are here to assist you in protecting and preserving your estate.

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